Moorlands Candles Ltd

Candleholders made by Jonathon at Belltrees Forge.

We no longer supply these holders ourselves so please contact Belltrees Forge directly.


Left our 18” x 1” beeswax Church candles (BEL)

Right our 18” x 1½” ivory Church candles (EGP)

Centre our 18” x 2” ivory Church candles (GGP)

Left to right

18” x 1” beeswax candles (BEL)

18” x 2” ivory (10% beeswax) (GGP)

14” x 11/4” Giant ivory or white (MGP)

14” x 1½” beeswax Giant (BGP)

8” x 2½” vegetable oil Super Giant (PCS)

14” x 7/8” beeswax (BLP)

8” x 2½” ivory Church candle (SGS)

8” x 13/4” Giant Stubby beeswax


For pottery holders by Peter Lochead see beeswax candles.


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