Moorlands Candles Ltd

Range of vegetable oil and beeswax candles

Top of picture left to right

Vegetable oil candles Super Giants (PCS01) on Double flat swirl by Belltrees Forge. Beeswax Extra Long (BEL)

Stumpie (BDS) Giant (BGP) Extra Long (BEL) Long Standard (BLP) and Giant Stubby (BSG)

Bottom of picture left to right

Vegetable oil standard (PCP) in pottery holder (AHA01) Super Giant ginger scented vegetable oil exclusively supplied to Sarah Nelson’s in pottery holder (AHA03)

Vegetable oil Stumpie in pottery holder (AHA01) four beeswax Tree Chimes (BDP) in Swedish Star Chime (no longer available)

Beeswax standard (BAP01) in pottery holder (AHA01) Beeswax spills in packs (BES)


Our Beeswax candles come in a variety of sizes and can be supplied loose or boxed.